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Material Fact - EATE signs Share Purchase Agreement with Orteng

Material Fact

EATE signs Share Purchase Agreement with Orteng

Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A. ("Company"), in compliance with Article 157, Paragraph 4 of Law 6404/76, and CVM Rule 358/02, amended by CVM Rules 369/02 and 449/07, hereby announces to its shareholders, the market and other interested parties that today its associate company Empresa Amazonense de Transmissão de Energia S.A. ("EATE") signed a Share Purchase Agreement with Orteng Equipamentos e Sistemas S.A. ("Orteng") for the acquisition of 10% of the total share capital of the transmission companies Companhia Transudeste de Transmissão, Companhia Transleste de Transmissão and Companhia Transirapé de Transmissão ( "Transmission Companies").

EATE shall pay for the acquisition of the Transmission Companies R$34,100,000.00 (thirty four million and one hundred thousand reais), adjusted by the cumulative variation of the basic interest rate (Selic) from 12/31/2012 onwards.

The price will be discounted for any amount paid by the Transmission Companies to Orteng since 12/31/2012 such as dividends, interest on equity, capital reduction, agreements with and/or payments to related parties, including the amount of dividends regarding the exercise of 2011 and 2012 paid since 01/01/2013.

The closing of the transaction and the actual acquisition of the shares by EATE will be subject to precedent conditions, especially: (i) approval from the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), (ii) approval from the debt holders, and (iii) approval from the Council for Economic Defense (CADE), as per Law 8884/94.

The Company will keep its shareholders and the market informed of the progress of the deal.

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