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Material Fact - Taesa wins 4 lots in the transmission auction


TransmissoraAliança de EnergiaElétrica S.A. ("Company", "Taesa") in compliance with Article 157, paragraph 4, of Law 6404/76 and CVM Rule 358/02, hereby announces its shareholders, the market in general and other interested parties that the Company was the winning bidder of the branches listed belowin the second part of the Auction 013/2015 of Public Power Transmission Lines auction promoted today by the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency ("ANEEL").

1) As Individual (100% Taesa)

Branch 17
Maximum RAP R$ 200.9 mm
Winner RAP R$ 175.6 mm
Discount 13.05%
Location BahiaandMinas Gerais
Km 542
Substation 1
CAPEX Aneel R$ 960 mm

2) As part of the Consortium Columbia (50%Taesa - 50% CTEEP)

Branch 3 Branch 4
Maximum RAP R$ 106.6 mm R$ 71.4 mm
Winner RAP R$ 106.6 mm R$ 71.4 mm
Discount 0% 0%
Location BahiaandMinas Gerais Minas Gerais
Km 338 208
Substation 0 0
CAPEX Aneel R$ 510 mm R$ 341 mm

3) With Associate Company (EmpresaAmazonense de Transmissão de Energia S.A - EATE)

Branch 22
Maximum RAP R$ 101.0 mm
Winner RAP R$ 101.0 mm
Discount 0%
Location Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo
Km 236
Substation 1
CAPEX Aneel R$ 486 mm

ANEEL will grant Taesa the right to explore for the concessions 30 years.

For further information, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department.

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