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Notice to Shareholders - Recomposing of the Fiscal Council


Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A. ("TAESA" or "Company") communicates to its shareholders and the market in general that intends to call to meet an Extraordinary General Meeting ("AGE"), to be held on July 26, 2017, to deliberate the election of 2 full members and their respective alternates of the Company’s Fiscal Council.

In accordance with the CVM Instruction 481, of December, 2009, as amended, ("CVM Instruction 481"), with emphasis on the Remote Voting Form foreseen in the Chapter III-A of the Instruction (article 21-A), we present the preliminary schedule for this Extraordinary General Meeting:

06.06.2017 (Tuesday)
Disclosure date of this Notice to Shareholders. From that day onward, the Shareholders who holds at least 1.0% of the common shares issued by the Company (as per Exhibit 21-L-I of CVM Instruction 481 ("Shareholders") may submit their requests to the Company in order to include their candidates in the Audit Committee in the Remote Voting Form. The Remote Voting Form, the Call Notice and the Management Proposal will be all published disclosed together, in accordance of CVM Instruction 481.

Thus, the Shareholders will have until 06.21.2017 (Wednesday) to include their Fiscal Council candidates in the Remote Voting Form related to the Extraordinary General Meeting, by sending a written request to the Company’s Investor Relations Officer, according to the instrutions described in the item 2.2 of the Company’s Reference Form, which is available on the Company and CVM (Brazilian Securities Commission) websites. The request should contain information about the candidates and other documents required as per Article 21-M of CVM Instruction 481.

The Company has up to 3 working days after receiving the inclusion request mentioned above to process the demand. At the end of this deadline, the Company shall: (i) inform the shareholder if his/her request has been accepted or (ii) ask for corrections or additional documents and information, whenever there is sufficient time for complements, in the terms of CVM Instruction 481.

The nomination of candidates to the Fiscal Council by the shareholders is not mandatory.

06.21.2017 (Wednesday)
Deadline for the Shareholders submit their inclusion requests in the Remote Voting Form. After that date, the Company shall prepare the documents required to call the Extraordinary General Meeting.

It is important to highlight that the inclusion request may be revoked at any time up to the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting by written notice addressed to the Company’s Investor Relations Officer. In case the votes have already been counted, they will be disregarded.

06.26.2017 (Monday)
Call Notice. TAESA will disclose the call notice to the market, followed by the management proposal and the Remote Voting Form of the Extraordinary General Meeting.

07.26.2017 (Wednesday)

The date of the Meeting. The Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on this date to decide the recomposition of Taesa’s Fiscal Council.
The Company informs that the dates proposed above are reflected on its events calendar and available on the Company (www.taesa.com.br/ri) and CVM (www.cvm.gov.br) websites. Any changes on these dates will be timely communicated to the shareholders.

For further information, please contact the Company’s Investor Relations Department.

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