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Notice to the Market - Installation Licenses issued for Paraguaçu and Ivaí Concessions

Publicly-Held Company - CVM Nr. 2025-7
Corporate Taxpayer‘s ID (CNPJ/MF) Nr. 07.859.971/0001-30
State Registry (NIRE) 33.3.0027843-5


Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A. ("Taesa" or "Company") hereby announces to its shareholders, the market in general and other stakeholders that the Company obtained the Installation License issued by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources - IBAMA for the facilities of Interligação Elétrica Paraguaçu S.A. ("Paraguaçu"), and the Installation License issued by the Environmental Institute of Paraná ("IAP") for the facilities of the 230/138 kV Substation Paranavaí Norte from Interligação Elétrica Ivaí S.A. ("Ivaí"). After obtaining these licenses, the Company is authorized to start the construction of these projects.

Paraguaçu and Ivaí are projects under construction, in which Taesa participates in partnership with Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista - ISA CTEEP, in the proportion of 50% each.

Paraguaçu is the project under construction of lot 3 of the transmission auction No. 013/2015 (part 2), held in October 2016. The concession is located between the States of Minas Gerais and Bahia, with an extension of 338 km in transmission lines, an investment of R$ 510 million (Capex ANEEL) and RAP of R$ 113.2 million (cycle 2018-2019).

Ivaí is the project under construction of lot 1, transmission auction No. 005/2016, held in April 2017. The concession is located in the State of Paraná, with an extension of 600 km in transmission lines (Double Circuit) and 3 substations, an investment of R$ 1.9 billion (Capex ANEEL) and RAP of R$ 280.9 million (cycle 2018-2019).

The deadline set by ANEEL to energize both concessions is August 2022.

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