Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A. – TAESA – is a company listed on the São Paulo Stock Exchange (“B3”), in Brazil, on September 6, 2006, at Level 2 of Corporate Governance. Its shares are traded on B3 under tickers TAEE3 (common shares – ON), TAEE4 (preferred shares – PN) and TAEE11 (1 Unit = 1 ON + 2 PN). TAESA’s controlling shareholders are Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (“CEMIG”) and ISA Investimentos e Participações do Brasil S.A. (“ISA Brasil”). There is a shareholders’ agreement between the controlling shareholders, which hold a 63% voting interest.

The subscribed and paid-in capital stock of the Company is R$ 3,067,535,193.28, divided into 1,033,496,721 shares, of which 590,714,069 are common shares and 442,782,652 are preferred shares, and all of them are registered shares with no par value.

Please, click here* to read the Shareholders’ Agreement between CEMIG and ISA Brasil.

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Shareholding Structure
ShareholderTotal Ordinary SharesON %Total Preferred SharesPN %Total SharesTotal %
ISA Brasil153,775,79026.03--153,775,79014.88
NOTE: Of the aforementioned shareholding structure: (i) Cemig holds 6 common shares and 2,823,092 Units not considered in the shareholders’ agreement; (ii) ISA Brasil only holds shares considered in the shareholders’ agreement; and (iii) the Market holds a total of 655,704,742 shares, where, on 06.30.2022, they comprised 203,271,708 Units, 15,296,566 common shares and 30,593,052 preferred shares.
Corporate Organization

Currently, TAESA holds 40 transmission concessions: (i) 10 concessions that comprise the holding company (TSN, Novatrans, ETEO, GTESA, PATESA, Munirah, NTE, STE, ATE, and ATE II); (ii) 11 full investees (Brasnorte, ATE III, São Gotardo, Mariana, Miracema, Janaúba, Sant’Ana, São João, São Pedro, Lagoa Nova and Ananaí); and (iii) shareholding interest in 19 companies (ETAU, Transmineiras, AIE Group and TBE Group) which comprises several concessions in a partnership with Alupar. AIE Group (Paraguaçu, Aimorés and Ivaí) in partnership with ISA Cteep, where TAESA and ISA Cteep hold an equal interest of 50% each.