Transmissora Aliança de Energia Elétrica S.A. – TAESA – is one of the largest private electric energy transmission groups in Brazil in terms of Annual Permitted Revenues (also known as RAP). The company is exclusively dedicated to the construction, operation and maintenance of transmission assets, with 12,122 km of lines in operation and 1,892 km of lines under construction, totaling 14,014 km of extension and 101 substations. In addition, it has assets in operation with voltages between 230 and 525kV, and is present in all 5 Regions of the country (18 States and the Federal District), as well as an Operation and Control Center in Brasília. Currently, TAESA holds 40 transmission concessions: (i) 11 concessions that comprise the holding company (TSN, Novatrans, ETEO, GTESA, PATESA, Munirah, NTE, STE, ATE, and ATE II); (ii) 11 full investees (Brasnorte, ATE III, São Gotardo, Mariana, Miracema, Janaúba, Sant’Ana, São João, São Pedro, Lagoa Nova and Ananaí); and (iii) shareholding interest in 19 companies (ETAU, Transmineiras, AIE Group, and TBE Group).

Simplified map with TAESA’s concessions
TAESA’s Main Figures
40 concessions: 10 concessions in the holding company, 11 full investees, and shareholding interest in 19 companies
Total of 14,014 km of transmission lines and 101 substations (12,122km of lines in operation and 1,892km of lines under construction)
Present in 18 States and the Federal District: Alagoas, Bahia, Espírito Santo, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraíba, Paraná, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Sergipe, and Tocantins.
Average concession term: 15.2 years (as of 07/03/2022)
Line availability rate: 99.97% / Variable Portion (PV): R$ 22.8 million
Total RAP R$ 3,453.3million (2021-2022 cycle): R$ 2,986 million operational ( and R$ 467.30 million under construction
Investments done between 2006 and 1Q21 (CAPEX + M&A): R$ 8.7 billion
Dividends paid between 2006 in 2021: R$ 11.2 billion
¹ Market share considers only category 2 and 3 concessions.
Financial Information (1Q22- TAESA Consolidated)
EBITDA of R$ 1,515.8 million and EBITDA margin of 77.1%
IFRS Net Income of R$ 559.9 million / Adjusted Net Income²(2021) of R$ 1,805.615million / Distributed Dividends and JCP (2021) (Interest on Equity) of R$ 1,789.9 million
Gross Debt of R$ 7,559.5 million / Cash balance of R$1,463.30 million / Net Debt of R$ 6.136,1 million
Average Nominal Cost of 4.99% and Average Term of 5.2 years
Net Debt/EBITDA: 3.8x (it considers jointly controlled and associated companies)
Market Cap: R$ 15.2billion (as of 03/31/2022)
² The Adjusted Net Income excludes the effects of the CPC 47 adoption, reflecting the previously adopted accounting method (Financial Asset at amortized cost).