Sustainability is considered as a value for TAESA that has been gradually integrating the ESG practices (Environmental, Social and Governance) in its business strategy and decisions. This way, TAESA guarantees profitability through the sustainable growth, with financial discipline and operational efficiency, and reinforces the value shared with society, enhancing the improvement of the population’s quality of life, with respect to the environment and development sustainable, attentive to the needs of future generations.

In line with our goal to become a reference company in sustainability in the Electricity Transmission sector in Brazil, in 2019 we started the SUSTAINABILITY PROJECT, aiming at creating initiatives for continuous improvement and innovation, as well as improving social and environmental reports. We adhere to the UN Global Compact, contributing to the 2030 agenda – Sustainable Development Goals (SDO), and we will annually publish selected indicators, based on the analysis of the main ESG aspects addressed by the market, the energy sector and transmission, or by the existing frameworks (GRI, CDP, etc.), presented below:


Corporate Profile
# of Concessions - Taesa Holding10101010
# of Concessions - Full Investees1110106
# of Concessions - Interest19191920
Substations 100989741
Installed Capacity (MVA)22.74122.9819.4107.300
Availability rate of lines (%)99,8699,8899,9099,94
Total transmission lines (km)14.01413.57613.57612.134
Distribution of wealth by stakeholders (R$ thousand -%)

Employees 154.904 (3,92%)141.055 (3,80%)114.562 (6,28%)105.729 (5,9%)
Government (taxes, fees, etc.)740.248 (18,73%)795.849 (21,43%)351.979 (19,29%)339.593 (18,96%)
Lenders844.392 (21,36%)514.336 (13,85%)355.736 (19,50%)274.100 (15,31%)
Withheld423.844 (10,72%)656.553 (17,68%)345.922 (18,96%)213.255 (11,91%)
Shareholders1.789.870 (45,28%)1.606.374 (43,25%)656.393 (35,97%)858.050 (47,92%)
Distributed added value (total)3.953.258 (100%)3.714.167 (100%)1.824.592 (100%)1.790.726 (100%)


Executive Board
Number of Executive Board members¹5444
Average age of the Executive Board59595453
Executive Board Directors Fees - annual total (R$)6.003.515,755.120.971,724.203.516,574.530.316,67
Term of office (years)1,001,001,001,00
¹ Taesa has 6 boards that were occupied in the last three years by 4 officers, accumulating positions
Board of Directors
Number of members of the Board of Directors²13131322
Number of independent members of the Board of Directors (%)4442
Percentage of attendance at meetings (%)¹98%98%98%92%
Average age of the Board of Directors²64646556
Remuneration (directors fees) of the Board of directors - annual total (R$)¹ 2.397.959,10 2.601.290,64 2.178.932,702.709.283,45
Term of office (years)22,00 2,00 2,00
¹ in 2019, the Board of Directors started to be composed of 13 full members.
Code of Conduct

Number of Reports in the Reporting Channel325100



Number of Own Employees706678594587
Number of dismissals during the period806891124
Employee Turnover (%)13%15%14%10%
Percentage of women in managerial positions in relation to total managerial positions (%)2014,29%17%12%
African-American employees in relation to the total - including browns (%)51%5%4%
Black employees in relation to total - including browns (%)2822%29%27%
Employees with disabilities in relation to the total (%)32%2%2%
% of employees with Elementary Education 8874
% of employees with Secondary Education41424232
% of employees with Higher Education36373849
% of employees with Graduate Studies14131313
Total amount invested in professional development (R$ thousand)1.180.979,30725.000,001.500.000,001.223.013,00
Hours invested in professional development per trained employee31214749
% of Employee Satisfaction 590%87%89%0
5 Satisfaction Level calculated by Great Place to Work (NPS – Employee Net Promoter Score / Data available from 2019

Investment right in P&D (R$)7.369.221,096.122.473,005.616.138,726.102.473,00
Invested in P&D (R$)10.366.950,1512.475.046,468.249.952,997.734.483,00

% of TAESA’s contracts that include clauses on respect for human rights and the prohibition of child labor.100%100%100%100%
% Of TAESA’s contracts that comply with the Health, Safety and Environment Policy. 100%100%100%100%
Social Responsibility


Investments in social responsibility (R$)2.464.480,694.430.000,005.499.931,565.328.965,00


Environmental Education and Social Programs

Number of cities visited1545610296
Number of Owners visited1.1358182.1091.785
Primary and secondary education units served1182716
Number of teachers trained680*141105
Total of oriented people6.6762.5467.5095.323
Climate Changes

Scope 1 Emissions (tCO2e)8.274,144.500,18--7 and 813
Scope 2 Emissions(tCO2e)156.795,6179.113,59--7 and 813

Annual amount of solid waste generated (tons)121,08138,63147,44

Consumption of fossil fuels (Liters)604.958,533581.884,32390.696,68583.051,47³
Total power consumption (KWh)8.654.550,0035.674.630,002.948.188,892.664.152,89
Total water consumption (m³)8.940,00612.840,923.078,7270.504,46⁴
3 Fleet increase (O&M and Projects under implementation).
4 Increase due to works (reinforcements, improvements and implementation) of projects.