Melhores da Bolsa 2021


TAESA was recognized as the best-in-class company in the public utility sector by “Melhores da Bolsa 2021”, InfoMoney’s annual award based on a ranking criteria designed by financial services provider Economatica and the business school at Ibmec. The ranking analysis incorporates both quantitative and qualitative criteria for publicly traded companies over a period of three years, prizing consistency in results.

Certified Great Place To Work (GPTW)


TAESA values ​​good Organizational Environment, and as a result it was recently certified by the International Great Place To Work (GPTW) presenting results significantly above the benchmark. TAESA was awarded in 2021 for another year as one of the best companies to work for based in Brazil, and was also ranked 1st in the GPTW Energia 2021 Highlight – Generation, Distribution and Transmission Segment.

GPTW is a global authority in the world of work and is an expert in transforming organizations into a Great Place to Work, helping to make the best of people and to achieve exceptional and, above all, sustainable results. Better for people, better for business, better for the world.

Best Practices in HSW Award


Taesa was chosen as the best Energy company in the category Health and Safety at Work (“HSW”) by the National Association of the Work Security and Protection Material Industry (Associação Nacional da Indústria de Material de Segurança e Proteção ao Trabalho – ANIMASEG) in 2019. Indicated by the Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Companies (Associação Brasileira de Companhias de Energia Elétrica – ABCE), Taesa had accomplished all the requirements to receive the award, including the commitment of the Company’s senior management to the labor safety policy, the absence of serious accidents involving its employees in the previous year, and its excellent performance on HSW issues.

Broadcast Empresas Award


Taesa was granted the Broadcast Empresas Award, elaborated by Agência Estado in partnership with Economática, which analyzed 190 publicly-traded companies with shares traded on B3 (São Paulo Stock Exchange) during 2018. The award brings the Top 10 in the ranking of the companies with the best performance in 2018, from the shareholder’s point of view. The Company was in 9th place and was well rated based on the focus on project delivery, attractive dividend policy and consistent growth strategy. In addition, the Company received the Small Cap award, as it is the best positioned company in the ranking in this category of companies listed on B3.

Valor Carreira Award


TAESA was recognized in 5th place in the category of 501 to 1,000 employees. This is a celebration that recognizes companies that deploy the best people management practices and lead organizations to the next level in value delivery.

Valor 1000 Award


The VALOR ECONÔMICO magazine, one of the major Brazilian publication on economics and business in Brazil, elected TAESA, in its 15th edition of the VALOR 1000 award, as the best Electric Energy company in the country. The companies are evaluated, while reviewing the sectorial champions, by the following set of indicators: Net Revenue, EBITDA Margin, Sustainable Growth, Return on Equity, Margin of Activity, Current Liquidity, Turnover and Interest Coverage.

Transparência Trophy


The ANEFAC® Transparência Trophy – ANEFAC – FIPECAFI – SERASA EXPERIAN Award was created in 1997 to recognize and honor the companies that have the best practices regarding transparency in accounting information published in the market through their financial statements. Álvaro Ricardino was the creator of the award. He encourages corporate transparency in the market and counts on the technical evaluation of FIPECAFI (Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Contábeis, Atuariais e Financeiras) and the encouragement of Serasa Experian.

Being the only award related to this category in Brazil, the winners are defined after the review of more than two thousand financial statements. Among the criteria to nominate the winners, we highlight the following ones: the quality and degree of information contained in the financial statements and the explanatory notes, the transparency of the information provided, the quality and consistency of the management report and the adherence to accounting principles in the fiscal year prior to the grant of the awards. The selection is divided into two categories: companies with net revenues above R$ 5 billion and companies with net revenues up to R$ 5 billion.